Wednesday, 23 July 2008

bouquet of very early-blooming parentheses (((())))

a quote from j.d. salinger's seymour: an introduction, combining witty writing and [what i call] punctuation-marks art. when i last read the book i suddenly understood what salinger was doing in this text: he was actually writing down the mind of a genius, while it's a well known fact that a character cannot be any smarter or sharper than its author. 
a good friend solved this conflict for me today in an elevator [going down, if you must know], by mentioning the fact that salinger himself was quite a genius, although somewhat on the troubling side.
anyway, since i've scanned the quote from my hebrew copy, i'm copying here the same lines in english for those of you who can't read hebrew:
"please accept from me this unpretentious bouquet of very early-blooming parentheses: (((())))."


Ronny said...

a real gentleman will sent u a bouquet but cakes are tastier. so please accept this nice @

merav perez said...

thanks - sweet as an apple pie :)