Saturday, 2 August 2008

miflat - étude of local under-ground shelters

these great sketches were contributed to my blog by a great friend, designer and artist - eitan sharif. they are part of a larger study of the unique silhouette of israeli concrete bomb-shelters.
we all know them - lurking around playgrounds, parks, street corners. some are deserted and empty, some host local libraries. this is were i find interest in this étude, as i'm documenting this israeli phenomena - under-ground local libraries. the personal connection to this subject matter began long time ago when i realized that my first ever library was situated in an intricate under-ground labyrinth.
eitan and myself would be glad to know if any of you live next to an under-ground library. please send us information about under-ground shelters in your neighborhood, this can be the ground for further research and creation.

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