Thursday, 11 September 2008

great graffitti from ghent

a very colorful contribution from my friend, roy oppenheim, who just came back from a week of work in ghent. i guess that the great color palette must be some kind of creative reaction to the poor grayish belguim weather. anyway, roy says that he had fries (frites) for lunch every day and although they are supposed to be a staple of local cuisine, he didn't find them any special. no complains on the beers, though.


Sarah said...

I really liked your two posts on Roy Oppenheim (didn't hear about him before). These graffiti are so cool, especially the last one. We definitively need colorful street art in Belgium!

merav perez said...

thanks a lot sarah!

do you live in ghent?


Sarah said...

no, but I used to live in Brussels for 7 years... and now I'm living in Tel Aviv! keep on posting new messages, you have a great blog. (and thanks for adding me on your list!)

merav perez said...

avec plaisir