Wednesday, 25 February 2009

bertolt brecht

i'm writing an essay on the influence of the 'performative turn' in art and theatre on contemporary intercation design, and i find the theorethical writings of bertolt brecht extremely inspiring and helpful. i'm especially impressed by his forseeing of the interactive and communal possibilties embodied in the radio as an Apparatus of Communication.
for this post i've chosen an image of a great cover design for one of his books: "Brecht on Theatre: The Development of an Aesthetic". the design of the cover is comprised of an hand written typographic collage, and seems appropriate to illustrate the brechtian easthtic language.


all*over*print said...

אהבתי את ברכט כנערה
מה עם פוסטים ?

merav perez said...

חזרתי מפריז עם צילומים מלהיבים
בקרוב אערוך אותם ואשלח (-: